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Culture Change: Organizational Alignment; Training

Best Place to Work initiative- tmg encouraged a start-up client firm to adopt a Best Place to Work core value; resultant in attracting and retaining top talent and a positive trajectory for both revenue, EBIDTA results and business valuation…’happy people, happy numbers’

Foodservice Enhancement - Canadian Market Proprietary Foodservice Development.....engaged by a multi-national oil company to develop a proprietary foodservice program for their Canadian convenience store network.  The work included an internal assessment to evaluate client's needs, vision, goals, objectives and capabilities. An external assessment was conducted to analyze consumer trends, purchasing habits and opinions about the client's current store network.

Upon completion and evaluation of the assessments, strategies and tactics were developed and aligned to a business plan to move forward with the development of the client's new proprietary foodservice program.  "Hands-on support" included program development, testing, validation, modification, refinement and roll-out assistance.

Category Management – engaged by a mega-major fuel/convenience retailer to create a compact, yet comprehensive Category Management Loyalty Promotional Development program designed to define over a dozen critical elements including: success factors, adoption/effectiveness stages, promotional tool grids, impact/use of on-site advertising, defining category roles, best practices, criteria for success, promotional metrics, and more…that were rolled out to several thousand locations.

In addition, provided a customized Negotiation Fundamentals training program designed with ‘street level’ negotiation practices and response principles to be used by Category Management personnel when partnering with their suppliers. 

The client deemed the material extremely effective and easy to implement. 



"On behalf of the Iraq Oil Ministry, we would like to express our deep gratitude and respect to The Murphy Group LLC for conducting the Global Downstream Energy Modernization Training Workshop in Cairo, Egypt. In four short days, we gained invaluable, global information, best practices and experiences regarding energy deregulation processes, retailing, distribution and refining. TMG expanded our horizons of thought and we will make use of this new knowledge in the various fields of work, as much as we can. May God bless us all. Peace be upon you."